Can I give courses as a gift?

Yes! To gift a course, please submit to our contact form below and note that you are interested in gifting a course. Our staff will contact you within 48 hours. NOTE: Please make sure to include your best contact information so we can get back to you.

Am I able to contact my instructor?

Course instructor Marco DiGeorge (along with other TAO admins) are available to contact via the Truthful Acting Online private Discord server, which Truthful Acting Online students are granted access to upon paid enrollment. In addition, Marco conducts free online sessions periodically. Please check the Free Acting Sessions page for more details.

What does course enrollment include?

Course enrollment grants you lifetime access to purchased course material as well as continued access to our private Discord server, where students can network and meet each other, do practice exercises, engage in discussion, ask questions to the instructor, and more.

What format do TAO courses take?

Courses are self-paced and available fully online. Each course is broken into a series of lessons. Students are encouraged to follow course material in the order it is presented, but have the freedom to choose to navigate course material in the way that best suits them. Each lesson has at least 1 video lecture, and …

What is Truthful Acting Online?

Truthful Acting Online makes deep-level actor training available to students worldwide. Course material is developed by Marco DiGeorge, Co-Owner and Program Director of Truthful Acting Studios, an in-person acting conservatory in Orlando, Florida.