Frequently Asked Questions

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About Our School

We offer classes for all levels, whether you are just beginning in the field, or you have been working for years.

We belive that everyone should have the opportunity to follow their passions and desires, so our main Master Meisner Program is structured so the student will work at their own level, driving you deeper into your work.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we can discuss it.

Our curriculum has been carefully crafted to give actors of all experience levels quality, dependable training that will last a lifetime.

We believe each individual is completely unique. Each has their own unique expression as an artist. Our work is designed to free that expression from the constraints of self consciousness and doubt which will allow it to unfold into fullness.

With that in mind, our courses are not traditional “one class fits all” creations. They are a program of progressive training that will serve the actor throughout their career.

We offer classes for both teens and adults, so make sure you check the class requirements (on the registration page) prior to enrolling.

We carefully monitor our enrollment to ensure that enough time will be available for all students to get the maximum benefit out of each course.

The limit of our class size will depend on the class. For example, the typical class size for our Meisner I of our Meisner Master Program is approximately 15-18 students. The size of later courses are dependent on the number of students moving forward in the curriculum.

Visit Our Policies page for a list of class requirements. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Short answer… no, we do not allow auditing of our classes.

Creating a safe environment is one of our top priorities. The work we do is vulnerable, and we do everything in our power not to compromise the safe environment we create and maintain for all of our students. By having allowing someone the students don’t know in the class, it breaks that safety and adds to the student’s self-consciousness.

With that said, we fully understand the need to know what the class is about before enrolling. Because of that, we have a couple of options. First, we periodically offer free seminars. That is a great time to come and see the studio, meet the instructors and to get a feel for the environment.

Or, if you perfer, we would be happy to setup a time for you to come into the studio to meet us and we can answer any questions you may have.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. We will be happy to discuss our classes in as much detail as you would like.

Just contact us and we can set up an appointment.

Master Meisner Program

We have worked with and within many of the prevailing acting theories and have found The Meisner Approach to be the most accessible, safe and affective for the artist to utilize.

While we acknowledge that there is no single technique that can answer all acting challenges for every actor, we have found that Meisner’s principles, when properly utilized, can lay a foundation for actors that will support them throughout their acting lives, giving them the skills they will need to grow no matter what techniques they choose to employ.

All of our work is based in The Meisner Approach.

We will be doing various exercises each class to emphasize our lessons. The exercises vary and sometimes their meaning may not be immediately clear. But we ask that you let go of your fears and trust us to guide you along the way.

Please visit The Meisner Approach page for more information on Sanford Meisner and his approach.

Short answer… absolutely!

The way our program is structured, each student has the ability to work at their own level, regardless of prior experience. The misconception is that by studying this approach from the beginning, it will mean the actor will be starting over in some way. That is simply not the case.

Rather, each student can learn to apply this approach to strengthen and deepen their craft at their level.

We begin our training by teaching the actor to overcome the two essential problems Sanford Meisner said the actor faces… they are self conscious and they don’t listen.

Working on a scene while still being hindered by these two problems is counter productive and does not lead the actor to greater work. In fact, it breeds more self consciousness which further impairs the actor’s ability to work fully in each moment.

About Online Zoom Classes

Our Online Class format is simply a class conducted over the internet – either live with an instructor or pre-packaged for you to learn at your own pace.

These classes are great for students who live out of the Central Florida area, or for those who cannot physically come into the studio for training.

We offer the live online Zoom classes periodically. The digital courses are always available!

First of all, in order to maintain the feel of an in-class group environment, we ask that all online students participate with both audio and video. This can be accomplished with a cell phone or on a computer with a webcam and microphone. By having us all visible on the live session, it creates the feeling that we are all there together, in the same space.

Beyond that, all students are fully visible and present, similar way to how it would be in-person in the studio. We have topic lectures, group discussions, and even tools and exercises that all students can work on during the class.

The technology gives us the ability to have everyone participate and interact. Also, all of our class materials are made available online for students to access.

Great question! And the short answer is YES! While we typically try to be in-person within a group setting (like being inside a classroom), we have still found ways to keep our Zoom classrooms interactive and engaging, from group discussions to practicing exercises, etc. In addition, we have online tools that allow our students to communicate and collaborate outside of class.

Our Zoom Studios allow for students to directly interact with the instructor and each other, so regardless where you are, you can feel like you are part of the class!

Yes! We are using a system called Canvas, which is designed for educational environments. This is the same system that many public schools and universities use, and it’s a great place to keep up with the class. After each class, we will put any materials or handouts on Canvas, and you will be able to access them anytime during the semester.

In addition, we will put all assignments and homework on Canvas, so you will be able to track everything in the same place. AND… there is an app for it too, so you can access everything right from your phone!

We have the same expectations from our students, whether you are in-studio or online. First, we ask that all studetns are in class each session and are on time to class. This means being physically at our studio or signed into the Zoom class prior to the start time.

Next, we ask that all students online are visible and are active participants in the class. We do understand that there may be times when a student can only be on audio only, but we ask that this be an exception and not the rule.

In addition, we ask that all of our students make a solid attempt at the work, and come to each class session prepared.