How To Get Good At Acting

how to be good in acting how to be good actor how be a good actorBecoming good at acting requires a very specific skill set. Most actors and actresses that you watch on television serials have an acting process that they have honed over a period of years.

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A theatrical performance, when it pleases, captivates the audience for the entire duration in which the curtain is raised. Viewers don’t realize they’ve been sitting in their chairs the whole time.

When this magic happens, it means that the director has done a good job: he had the right scenography created, he chose the right costumes , he managed to give the show the perfect soundtrack .

And most importantly, it means that he has chosen and directed his actors well .

In fact, the actors are the beating heart of the show, they are the ones who have the greatest responsibility.

Above all they are asked to involve the public.

But to do that they have to be good actors. If your interested in how to be in movie acting visit our how to be in movie acting at our how to be in movie acting blog.


But how can you become a better actor?

Well, a good actor is not the result of a mathematical formula.

There are no pre-established rules to follow to understand if what we are facing is a Good actor.

To become an actor you can (must?) Certainly attend a good acting school . Without a basic technique, you can go a little further.

If you decide to become a professional actor, it will be important to continue studying and practicing beyond the course or academy, through internships, seminars, workshops etc.

As we’ve always said, good diction is key to being a complete actor.

In addition, a little natural predisposition obviously doesn’t hurt!

But there are some aspects that go beyond the technique , beyond the study.

Like everything that is part of art, the theater is something subjective, which does not tolerate precepts and rules.

And it may or may not like it, without there being an objective meaning behind it.

Likewise, an actor can be considered the absolute best by me and insignificant to someone else.

So the real question is: what does an actor have to do in order to be appreciated by as many people as possible? Click here to learn how to become an actor on TV.


5 characteristics to be a Good Actor.

As mentioned before, there are no precise and infallible rules for being a good actor. But perhaps it is possible to find some characteristics common to those who are considered good actors by the majority of people.

Both as an actress and director, and as a spectator, over the years I have in fact noticed that when at least two or three of these characteristics are present, I am faced with what is called an excellent performer. When I have to choose actors for a show, I know that if they have these characteristics, I will have a better chance of doing a good job.

For this reason, when I’m on stage, I always try to be like the actors I think are good.


Perfect, now you won’t miss a tutorial and you will have an edge to become a better actor !!!

But, in practice, what does it mean to be a better actor?

What are the aspects not to be neglected, in addition to the technique, in order to become an actor loved by the public and with whom actors and directors work with pleasure?

Well, in my opinion, there are at least five:


1. Be Credible

Being credible means making the audience forget that they are watching an actor act. It means being able to identify so well with the character we play, that we make our own the feelings that the character is experiencing at that moment.

We have to believe what the character experiences . Believing in our character and being able to see the world as he sees it, even when playing the worst bastard that can exist. For this reason, many good actors have a hard time getting out of psychologically demanding characters.

2. Serve the show

I believe that a good actor is that performer who on stage knows when to take the stage , demonstrating all his skill, and when instead to stay a step behind . The main purpose is to make a good show, convey a message, tell a story.

Do not show how good you are, to the detriment of others and the show itself.

If you are on stage with another actor and your role is that of the “shoulder”, you must act in such a way as to support your partner without stealing the show with exaggerated counter-scenes.

In my opinion, this is knowing how to stay in one’s place. And it is essential.

Because a show made up of “prima donna” will be a show with gears that don’t fit together properly.

It will be a show in which the rivalry between the performers will be perceived by anyone, even by those who go to the theater for the first time.

3. Be Versatile

The aspect that fascinates me most about being an actress is that every time I can have the opportunity to play different characters.

It is something extraordinary, but also extremely difficult. Knowing how to interpret different characters with credibility mainly means one thing: Being Versatile .

An actor is versatile when he manages to “disappear” behind any character, whatever it is, without specializing in one type of character alone.

Sometimes this could be particularly complicated due to our own ” phisique du role ” which could impose limits on us, especially in the type of roles that are proposed to us.

But in the theater everything is possible and if you are lucky enough to find a director with courage and inventiveness, you may have the opportunity to play a character very different from the roles you have played previously. If this happens to you, don’t miss the opportunity and give your all to show everyone that you are a versatile and complete actor.

In the summer of 2016, to take an extreme example, I had the opportunity to see the national preview of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”, directed by Àlex Rigola. I was fascinated by some actresses, including Maria Grazia Mandruzzato who played the role of Cesare, who convincingly played male characters.

If you want to learn more about this, we have written an article on how important it is for an actor to be versatile .

4. Knowing how to improvise

I think this is a particularly important feature for an actor, because knowing how to improvise can really make the difference between the success or failure of a show.

Knowing how to improvise can be particularly useful when something unexpected happens on the scene, such as an actor who forgets the line or the entrance.

In contexts like this it is very important to be able to resolve the situation promptly and inventively “staying on the side” and hide the error naturally, without the viewer understanding or sensing that something has gone wrong.

To do all this you need to know how to improvise and it is a peculiarity that you can acquire with practice and practice, but above all by knowing the text and your character well. When an actor is really well immersed in his character di lui, he can also afford to improvise gestures or small counter-scenes that have never been tried and which give naturalness to the scene.

5. Be humble

What in my opinion makes a performer a good actor is his ability to be humble .

Those who are humble know very well that they can always have the opportunity to improve themselves, to learn new things.

And learning new things allows you to become a better actor.

Too many times I see actors and actresses in the theater who think they know everything, that they know everything.

Those actors, even if they are good, immediately lose their charm for me.

Because if on the one hand it is sacrosanct to be aware of one’s abilities and to make the most of them, on the other hand it is also necessary to know that the work of the actor is a work made of experiences.

And every experience, even the worst one, is a lesson.

The humble actor is not only the one who attends laboratories, internships and workshops, but is also the one who treasures every experience and who starts from the assumption that any person can teach him something .

And you, how do you recognize a good actor?

These are the characteristics that, in my opinion, allow a performer to become a better actor.

It doesn’t happen often, but when these characteristics are all concentrated in the same actor, I have the certainty of being in front of not only a great artist, but also and above all a splendid person.

Because the actors, the real ones, are this: beautiful people.

And if you know at least one, then you can count yourself lucky.

But for you, what makes an actor a good actor?