Online Acting Classes

We know during these uncertain times, you may have many questions about how acting training can be conducted. We have made adjustments to our training process to accommodate these times, and over the past several months, we have found very effective ways to teach our process in an online environment.

Live Online Classes

Please review our FAQ below about our live online classes and if you still have questions or would like to discuss it further, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

About LIVE Online Classes

Great question! And the short answer is YES! While we typically try to be in-person within a group setting (like being inside a classroom), we have still found ways to keep our online classrooms interactive and engaging, from group discussions to practicing exercises, etc. In addition, we have online tools that allow our students to communicate and collaborate ourside of class.

Each class session is live with an instructor and other students. All classes are conducted via Zoom.

First of all, in order to maintain the feel of an in-class group environment, we ask that all students participate with both audio and video. This can be accomplished with a cell phone or on a computer with a webcam and microphone. By having us all visable on the live session, it creates the feeling that we are all there together, in the same space.

Beyond that, we conduct clases in a very similar way to how we would do it in-person in the studio. We have topic lectures, group discussions, and even tools and exercises that all students can work on during the class.

The technology gives us the ability to only have one person speak at a time (to limit confusion), or to focus on only one person visually at a time. In addition, we can put students in “breakout rooms” which allow us to pair or group the students for class work. And, we can also use audio/visual materials to help teach our lessons.

We have the same expectations from our students that we would have during in-studio classes. First, we ask that all studetns are in class each session and are on time to class. This means being signed into the Zoom class at least a few minutes prior to the start time.

Next, we ask that all students are visible online and are active participants in the class. We do understand that there may be times when a student can only be on audio only, but we ask that this be an exception and not the rule.

In addition, we ask that all of our students make a solid attempt at the work, and come to each class session prepared.

Yes! We are using a system called Canvas, which is designed for online schooling environments. This is the same system that many public schools and universities use, and it’s a great place to keep up with the class. After each class, we will put any materials or handouts on Canvas, and you will be able to access them anytime during the semester.

Also, we will also record each class session and they will be available on Canvas too. This is great in case you are absent and want to stay caught up, or if you want to go back and re-watch part of class.

In addition, we will put all assignments and homework on Canvas, so you will be able to track everything in the same place. AND… there is an app for it too, so you can access everything right from your phone!

Digital Courses

In addition to our live environments, we are currently working on our digital courses for deep level online actor training – which will give you the option to train online at your own pace. These will be pre-packaged detailed courses created specially for you by our instructors – giving you the opportunity to study acting training online and learn about the various components of acting from wherever you are in the world – and – on your time!

If you are interested in our future digital courses and our online acting school, please fill out the form below and we will contact you when they are available!

*If you would like us to give you a call, please provide your phone number in your message.