How To Become An Actor With No Experience

Many aspiring actors ask themselves this question. We will be answering this question in detail soon.


The web is full of articles titled “how to become an actor” that give advice that often leaves the time they find and leaves the aspiring actor more confused than before.

The reason for all this is simple: too often the profession of actor is not seen as a real job, but equated to a hobby that only a lucky few have managed to transform into a profitable profession.

The issue of becoming an actor needs to be handled as with any other job, as the path to the acting profession deserves careful and down-to-earth analysis.

To become an actor, in addition to talent and commitment, it will be essential for you to know the different steps of a long and demanding road.

It is also good to point out that a serious article cannot take you to the heights of Hollywood, but it can explain how to best train you and learn about the profession before venturing onto the stage.

In short, no illusions of easy success, but a guide that will lead you to discover how to concretely become an actor, starting from training and acting schools, passing through castings and auditions, until you discover how much an actor really earns.

How to become an actor: the best training
Abandoning the sweetened vision of a profession in which passion and talent are enough to break through, become rich and maybe win a David di Donatello, the first thing to do to become an actor is to train in the best possible way.

With some exceptions (for example actors like Joe Cole) the road to success starts with a good education and a lot of study.

There are several ways to become a professional actor, but the main road to the acting profession is certainly that of acting schools, to which we dedicate a paragraph later.

Not everyone, however, can afford to attend a prestigious acting school.

Before investing a lot of time and money in an excellent acting school, it may be useful to “test the waters” with a good acting course, perhaps also combined with singing and dance courses to complete your artistic figure.

If you are interested in singing courses, or in general how to learn to sing, take a look at our guide dedicated to how to learn to sing.

The acting schools

Attending a good acting school is the best way to learn all the techniques of the professional acting profession.

These institutes in fact provide for an in-depth study of cinema, dramaturgy, theater, acting techniques as well as various dance and singing courses for actors.

In short, in acting schools you will find a real gym in which to train all the muscles of the professional actor.

One piece of advice we want to give you is to understand right away what kind of actor you want to become.

If you choose to become a character actor, or a film, comedian or television actor, you will be able to read up and choose the acting school or course that best suits your personal needs (which is why we advised you to attend a course above).

The acting schools in question will help you to acquire some fundamental skills including an excellent and well-moderate use of gestures and voice, an out of the ordinary clarity of speech and diction, as well as to dominate and transmit the right emotions during the performances. scenes, resulting convincing.

There are acting academies and schools with a truly unrivaled history and fame such as the International Theater Academy in Rome or the Paolo Grassi Theater School, as well as the Silvio D’Amic National Academy of Dramatic Art which are also qualified to release of the Bachelor’s Degree in Acting.

To enter acting schools you will need a secondary school diploma and, often, you will be required to pass an entrance exam.


Every time you watch a film, do you dream of being in the place of the protagonists, of being able to immerse yourself in a part and feel those same emotions? Already when you were little were you a phenomenon pretending to have a fever to not go to school? Then maybe I know what he could do for you: become an actor . The acting is indeed an art that makes us dream every day, including movies, TV series and even theater . Watching a film is indeed an escape from the real world and its problems, but not only: it is also teaching, it is personal growth. Both for the viewer, but also for the actors who play the parts of those characters and learn something from them about themselves or about life.