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OUR FORMATS: Most of our classes are in-studio and require you to be in the Central Florida area. However, we do offer live Zoom classes periodically for those outside of the area.

Please go to Our Training Options page for more information about our current class format. If you have further questions, please Contact Us. We would be happy to discuss it all with you!

SEMESTER FORMAT: Our classes are longer in format and semester based (similar to a university structure). They are held twice per week and are 3.5 hours per class (28 total classes – 98 total hours per semester). New classes begin every January, May, and September.

TUITION: Tuition for our standard semester is $1,095 for 28 classes. Payment plans are available. Please go to our Tuition Page for the full details.

WHERE TO BEGIN: If you are new to Truthful Acting Studios, we recommend beginning with our Master Meisner Program.

Master Meisner Program

Based in the teachings of legendary acting instructor Sanford Meisner, this program works to train the actor to move their focus away from the self and put it on the world around them.

Note: The Master Meisner Program is a certificate earning program.

Experience Level: No prior experience needed!


This approach is for any artist, whether this is your very first acting class, or even if you’ve been in the industry for years. The great thing about this approach is that even though everyone begins the approach from the beginning, each artist is on their own path and you can work at your level.


The Master Meisner Program is divided into two core semesters (Meisner I and Meisner II). You will receive a certificate of training upon the completion of both semesters.

Beyond this foundational program, students can continue to enhance their craft through our Conservatory Level classes. Students are encouraged to start at the beginning, regardless of past experience, since each class builds upon the previous one.

Through this intensive program of study, we intend to plant the seed that will become a vital part of your acting process, serving you in all your future acting work.

Come grow with us and experience your passion!

Classes Now Enrolling
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Meisner I AMM/Th10:30am-2pmMay 20th
Meisner I PMM/Th7pm-10:30pmMay 20th
Meisner II PMM/Th7pm-10:30pmMay 30th

TA Conservatory Program

Experience Level: Varies per class. Check individual classes for details.

These are continuing education classes on various aspects of acting. They are meant to be built upon a foundational process (such as the Master Meisner Program), but they can be taken al-a-carte as needed. Each class focuses on a specific area of study and addresses one of the essential Six Pillars of Acting.

Classes Now Enrolling
 Click on a class name to see more details about that class.
ClassesDays / TimesBeginsSeats Left
Auditions I PMTu/F 7pm-10:30pmMay 28thOPEN
Meisner III AMTu/F 10:30am-2pmMay 28thOPEN
Meisner III PMTu/F 7pm-10:30pmMay 28thWAITING LIST