Truthful acting is a way of living so that you can be the best storyteller you can be what is stood out the most for me about the heisman process that is how truthful it really is how you can really create these circumstances for yourself and you have this whole imaginary life but yet you can still come in and so have this amazing true experience. Working with Marco and Rob is it’s an it’s amazing experience and it’s very authentic they truly want what’s in the best interest of their students.

What they’ve done here is they’ve created a very safe environment for people to come every week and and learn about this process it’s absolutely amazing to work with people teachers who don’t judge you who are just there to listen who are very aware of what it is to be human being. Your feelings your emotions and who know the business as well and that’s really important especially in this industry it’s very important that you have people that you trust and you feel safe with. And they do an excellent job of making sure that you feel safe in the environment that you’re in and they’re just very authentic in the way that they teach the class.

They have engineered this environment where you come in and you just put yourself out there and you’re vulnerable but but you’re you’re safe and that helps you as as an individual grow as an individual and certainly grow as a professional. It’s not just acting I don’t know it’s um it’s truthful it’s being me and it taught me that being me is enough I think everybody could learn something about themselves other people,and acting going through this process this class has helped me to discover a part of myself that I think I always knew was there but was hidden for a really long time.

It has been quite a journey for me you grow not just as it in your art but as a person. I thought that I was taking the class to learn how to be an actor learn how to be a better actor I didn’t know that it was going to help me be a better person. It’s been a life-changing profoundly changing experience all right life-changing experience for sure it’s definitely changed my life in many ways we just learn way more than you could ever ever imagine. The work you see done here is some of the most amazing work I’ve ever seen.

It the level that it’s reached is amazing it contributes to every part of your life you think about it just impacting your acting career. But it doesn’t it actually changes your life personally outside of the studio you improve as an individual I would say you become a better person this one’s one of the best ones Robin Marco I think are truly masters at this