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I want to be on TV! So you can start your acting career
Do you want to know how to be an actor? We tell you the most important thing to start your career. You must take acting classes, which are available online for free here. Click here for free acting classes & lessons online.

Meryl Streep, Al Pacino or Leonardo DiCaprio. If there is one thing that movie and television favorites have in common, it is that one day they wondered how to be actors.

If yours is to go from drama to comedy and never stop acting, but you are not sure what to do next, do not worry. We tell you how you can start your acting career. People often wonder what do you need to be an actor? Our what do you need to be an actor page can help explain!

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The fundamental training:
Even if you have an innate talent for the show, it is essential that you learn certain techniques and skills. Improvising, singing and dancing are some of them. The more versatile you are in front of the cameras, the more possibilities you will have to get papers and good opportunities.

Auditions are an integral part of the casting process for films, television shows, plays and other performing arts. Casting directors and producers use auditions to find the right actors for their projects. Learn more at our how to act for a movie using Meisner technique, auditions, theater, and cinema. During an audition, actors are usually asked to perform a scene or monologue in front of a casting director or producer, typically in front of a camera. Film auditions require actors to perform with emotion and realism while theater auditions usually require actors to apply certain acting techniques such as the Meisner technique. In both film and theater auditions, actors should maintain a matter-of-fact tone of voice and deliver their performance in third person point of view.

Auditions are an important part of the casting process for any film, television show, theater production, and more. During an audition, actors will typically be asked to showcase their talents in front of a camera or group of people who will be making the casting decisions. Actors can use various techniques to demonstrate their skills, such as method acting, improvisation, and the Meisner technique. In order to make a strong impression and stand out from other actors, it is important for actors to have a good understanding of what is expected of them during an audition. They must also be prepared to perform with a matter-of-fact tone of voice and in third person point of view. Auditions are a great opportunity for actors to showcase their talents, and prepare for potential roles that may come their way.


Voice Acting

Learning about voice acting is easy, drop by our voice acting classes page to learn more.


There are many schools and courses to train in interpretation, both for beginners and for the most experienced. From small workshops to perfect specific techniques to university degrees and masters in dramatic art, to learn everything about being an actor. On the Clandestine Actors page you can find several schools specialized in acting in different Spanish cities.

How to be an actor? The main thing is to bet on a good training.

To train is not enough to do interpretation: you also have to see and enjoy it. Learning from other actors and actresses allows you to discover new techniques and strengthen what you have learned in your classes. It is also recommended to read about the trade and show business. Titles like ‘Casting’ by Michael Shurtleff or ‘An Actor Prepares’ by Konstantin Stanislavski can be very interesting for future actors and actresses.

On the other hand, it is essential to learn everything related to acting in advertising, theater, cinema and television. Each medium has its singularities and its challenges, and training in all of them will give you confidence in yourself and more tables when it comes to acting.

Getting around the world of castings and auditions:
Once you’re ready, it’s time to try your luck at castings and auditions. The easiest thing to do at first is usually to get small papers for publicity pieces or for local plays. But that is no reason to rule out other more important evidence. Even if you don’t get the part, they will give you experience.

Attending castings and auditions is also an opportunity to network and meet other people in the sector. Who knows? Maybe in one test you find out about another or you know someone who will give your career a boost.

From Clandestino de Actores they give these three recommendations to be aware of the casting calls that are open:

Sign up for one or more representation agencies in your city: these agencies will look for opportunities that fit your profile. The ideal is to try several before opting for the best ones.

Be aware of the notices published on its website: a selection of castings in different cities in Spain, divided by theme. In each case, the requirements, dates, contact email and general conditions of each test are specified.
Having a representative: a person who will be dedicated to negotiating contracts and managing everything related to your career.

Make a network of contacts and be visible:
As in so many other professions, having a network of contacts is very important to make your way. Therefore, it is recommended that you participate in activities, be active on social networks or in actor forums and show yourself as an open and sociable person.

It is also important that you take care of your image as an actor and make certain efforts to promote your work. A good idea to start is to hire a professional photographer to prepare a good photo book and complete it with a videobook. It is also convenient to be present in artist databases. Casting directors sometimes choose to search these lists.

Not stop acting:
Even if the roles of the first castings are not achieved, it is important not to lose heart and continue learning every day. You can buy a video camera to record your scenes, read movie scripts or your favorite books aloud, practice with other actors or participate in theater groups on a voluntary basis.

Another way to learn is to teach how to be an actor to other people with your same concerns. For example, giving private lessons or helping out at school performances. In this way it will be easier to maintain the illusion for the world of acting and continue learning, waiting for the first opportunities to arise.