Craft I – The Craft of Drama


Craft I of our Truthful Acting Conservatory Program introduces the actor to the storytelling process and how the specifics of performance can improve the audience experience.

  • Late Teens & Adults - Must be 16 years or older to enroll
  • Prerequisite: Completion of Master Meisner Program preferred
  • Begins: TBD
  • Class Length: 28 classes / Twice per week
  • Class Days: TBD
  • Class Times: TBD
  • Tuition (in-studio): $1,095 for 28 classes (98 total class hours - less than $40 per class)
  • Tuition Note: Only $273.75 to register - Payment plans available for balance. Please go to our Tuition Page for details.
  • Tuition (online only): $795 for 28 classes (live online via Zoom)

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Through the Meisner Approach, you learn how to create truthful and powerful life. With Craft, you learn HOW to use that life to tell the most affective story. It’s ultimately about the audience’s experience, so it’s critical that we learn how to tell the best story, so it is received in the most affective way. Through a series of games, exercises, and text work, we will explore how to use your acting life to its fullest potential.


Reading Out Loud: One of the essential tools an actor must have is the ability to quickly bring text to life. And the skill we must practice is reading out loud – with intention!

Stage Craft: All of the little craft items for working on stage or camera can be the difference between a good performance and a great one. Understanding proper stage craft gives you a more polished and professional appearance and will ultimately tell a better story.

FUN: It’s important that we remember that we LOVE acting! By leaning into the fun aspects of acting, we can also activate our sense of play, which will help us tell a more affective story.

Fundamentals: Going back to where it all begins, we will work on bringing outward focus into our storytelling, applying the core and then really talking and really listening (and in turn, really living) through each and every performance.


This class will introduce many new tools and will require homework. Students will be required to complete at-home skill assignments to better understand the new tools learned. Because of the rapid progression of the work in this class, attendance is of the utmost importance.

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Mental / Analytical
Craft / Technical

Craft I will focus heavily on the Mental/Analytical and Craft/Technical aspects of the work, as we develop the skills needed for an affective performance. In addition, we will also apply the Psychological layer as we discover how the specifics of emotions are tied to digestibility of performance.

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