Auditions I – Technique


Auditions I of our Truthful Acting Conservatory Program introduces the actor to the audition process and how to use previously learned skills to bring out the best performance for the auditors.

During this semester, we will be exploring the many aspects of auditioning as we apply our acting craft to make our audition as strong as possible.

  • Late Teens & Adults - Must be 16 years or older to enroll
  • Prerequisite: Completion of the Master Meisner Program (preferred)
  • Begins: September 14, 2021
  • Class Length: 28 classes / Twice per week
  • Class Days: Tuesdays AND Fridays
  • Class Times: 7pm-10:30pm - Eastern (New York) Time
  • Tuition: $1,095 for 28 classes (98 total class hours - less than $40 per class)
  • Tuition Note: Only $245 to register - Payment plans available for balance
  • COVID-19 NOTE: Classes will be offered in a hybrid format (you can choose to be in the studio or live online over Zoom).

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The goal of Auditions I is to give you a solid foundation for all types of auditions (film, theater or agent auditions). We will begin working with tangible tools to help you work quickly with text and to bring the fullest amount of life to the room.


Cold Reading: We will learn how to properly use the page in a cold read audition and apply the core work and "working-off" to bring authentic life to the audition.

Callbacks: Once you pass the initial audition, now what? We will learn how to bring the script into its full depth.

Monologues: Monologues are scenes and we will work all of the tools to bring them into full life.

Script Analysis: Learning how to x-ray the script simply and quickly, and see beyond what most actors will see.

Agent Auditions: As an actor, meeting with an agent can be anxiety inducing. But the business side of the industry is just as important as the creative side.


This class will be intensive in nature and will require homework. Students will be required to complete at-home skill assignments to better understand the audition process. Because of the rapid progression of the work in this class, attendance is of the utmost importance.

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Mental / Analytical
Craft / Technical

Auditions I will focus heavily on the Mental/Analytical and Psychological aspects of the work, as we develop the skills and confidence needed for the audition process. In addition, we will also apply the Craft/Technical layer to learning new skills in order to deliver the strongest performance possible.

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