How to become a great actor


As for specific studies, it is best to take an acting course, which can help you start your career and understand if actually acting as a career is actually the job of your dreams. People want to become an actor with no experience. Visit our become an actor with no experience page to learn to become an actor with no experience.

To open up more opportunities to have your first engagements, also follow courses in:

  • dance;
  • diction;
  • learn some sports;
  • foreign languages.

In specialized schools they will teach you all the theoretical subjects related to acting (eg history of theater and dramaturgy) but they will also teach you to put into practice all the techniques useful for becoming a real actor (eg crying on command).

Knowledge of foreign languages will allow you to be able to do more auditions and have a greater chance of acquiring some engagement that will lead you to work abroad as well. As soon as you feel ready, prepare a photographic book to accompany your CV and send it to the casting agencies who, if they consider your skills adequate, will ask you to work for them. Once you’ve gained some fame, you can even break away from agencies and hire a personal agent.

Agencies will evaluate your resume based on specific requirements: training, that is, what educational qualifications do you possess; previous experiences, during the training period it is always good to take part in as many plays as possible and acquire as much autonomy as possible in the preparation of the characters; transversal skills, team work, flexible hours, knowledge of foreign languages, adaptability.

Once a part has been obtained, the tasks an actor must absolutely undertake are: participate in hearings; study the characters both from a psychological and physical point of view, understand how they move or if they have tics; learn your part from scripts; rehearse; follow the directions of the director or director; to interpret.

Job opportunities

  • An actor can decide to work for multiple sectors that use professional actors such as:
  • theater companies;
  • film production houses;
  • television or film companies;
  • communication and video production agencies;
  • sports and commercial advertising agencies;
  • casting agencies.

An actor, to round up or to make himself known in other respects, may also decide to take other paths such as:

animate cultural shows; devote yourself to teaching; history of the theater; cinema history; dramaturgy; mime; dubbing; improvisation techniques, voice actor in some foreign film or in cartoons.

It can very often happen that many, at the same time as their career as actors, also manage to enter the world of fashion and are called by agencies to do shooting in which to pose. Once they have acquired a certain fame and authority, the actors can also decide to try other economic revenues always connected to the acting sector and also interpret the roles of:

  • film producers;
  • stage directors;
  • choreographers;
  • authors;
  • presenters;
  • casting director.

How much does an actor earn

The actors can be of so many types and can have so many nuances between them that being able to estimate a real salary is very difficult. Certainly it can be said that a novice actor will hardly live on acting alone. In most cases, novice actors will live on something else and earn a few more money with their real job, as well as a dream.

The beginnings of an acting career are made up of many auditions, and the most important thing in this phase is not to be influenced by the many rejections that presumably you will have to manage. Once the initial obstacle has been overcome, one can really think of making this passion a decent job sufficient to maintain oneself in a serene manner.

The types of contracts of the actors can be of different nature. Actors can have a fixed-term contract, for example with a casting agency or with a theater company. Other forms of contract can be collaborative, where perhaps they only have a small part to interpret or to script.

Obviously it depends a lot on the type of part you have managed to obtain and also depends on the years of accumulated experience.

To have a better chance of finding a job, it is advisable to study a lot so that you will be able to act both in the theater and on television.

Entering even just the Italian television can yield as a more than decent salary. In fact, joining the cast of a TV series can earn you several thousand euros, and even more if you make films.

If you are really good actors and are able to exploit your knowledge, perhaps you will have the opportunity to break through and earn crazy money. Actors like Angelina Jolie and Tom Hanks for a feature film can reach figures of up to 15-20 million dollars.