Many times I have heard phrases like “I would like to act, but now at this age where do I want to go? By now I’m old for these things… “. And I swear to you it is a phrase that I hate. Acting is not an exclusive activity.

Anyone can do it.

Sure, maybe starting theater as a child or taking an acting class as a teenager can give you a better chance of making this passion a real job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t even try. If even for a moment the idea of starting acting has occurred to you, it means that you are ready to live new experiences. Doing theater is never losing the desire to learn new things , it is the courage not to be afraid to improve. “By now I’m old to act …” is therefore a phrase that you shouldn’t even think, because it is very bad. And it’s false for at least three reasons. Before continuing, I ask you a favor. People steps to become an actor. Visit our steps to become an actor page to learn the steps to become an actor.


Acting is passion.

The first reason is obvious, almost banal I would say. I could sum it up in one of those classic quotes from Social as ” It is better to regret having done something, than to regret not having done it” that you often read.

Although clichés of this kind are deeply on my boxes (especially when I read them under photos of winking girls on Instagram), I believe that it is a statement that hides a certain amount of truth behind it. Acting is a passion. And the passions must not remain unspoken. If we do not cultivate our passions, one day we may regret it, simply because we are not eternal and life is one. It is what we live now, in this moment.

If you have a passion and for whatever reason you have always had to silence it, there will surely come a time in your life when that passion wants to explode. That passion asks to have a place in your existence. It demands it and claims to be a part of your life. And then you must find the strength and the courage to follow it, without being influenced by factors that are beyond your will.

Is your passion for acting? Well, then act.

Don’t make excuses, but follow your instincts. Wanting to act, get on stage and live the life of the heroes and heroines of the theater, is no small ambition. It is something big, profound, which can give you the opportunity to experience intense emotions. Of course, it’s not easy to get on stage and act, because fear of making a mistake, shyness and tension can play tricks on you. But the satisfaction you feel, at the end of the show, repays you for every sacrifice. As the audience applauds you, your heart fills with pride because you just did something that not everyone is capable of. So if you want to feel these emotions, go for it.

Acting makes you young.

Doing theater makes you young, even in spite of the wrinkles that the passage of time has left on your face. Acting rejuvenates, because it leads you to keep your mind trained . And in fact, just forcing yourself to have to study and memorize your character’s lines trains your mind. And a trained mind, it is a young and lively mind. In spite of the age. But acting is not just about that. It also means coming out of our own shell made of beliefs that we have cultivated over the years. A shell that, without even realizing it, ends up trapping us.

Making theater is an activity that often requires being in a group, working as a team and therefore allows you to free yourself from the burden of being an adult. Acting allows us to play, to become children again. To fully experience the emotions, to live them in a genuine way. And what’s more beautiful? Theater makes you live many emotions And then, there are not only young characters. Whoever writes plays has always told stories.

And the stories feature men and women of any age. This alone makes you understand how the phrase ” now I’m old to act …” is totally meaningless. Not all characters are young and old! There are so many plays with adult or elderly characters that are really very beautiful and incredibly interesting to play .

A few examples?

Shakespeare in “Hamlet” has given us an ambiguous, evil and profound character like King Claudius, who certainly is not twenty years old.

In “Romeo and Juliet”, on the other hand, he outlined a funny female character, but also a dramatic one, with his Nurse who must be played by an adult woman.


There is only one thing left to do … Act, Act, Act!

If somewhere inside you are pawing to get on stage and act, then don’t waste time: sign up for an acting class! It is never too late to start doing theater , because in reality there is no ideal age to act . Anyone can act, or at least try. The important thing is to know how to choose the acting school that best suits our needs. Practicing diction can also be very useful , take a look at our diction manual! Starting an acting class doesn’t necessarily mean you want to play an acting career professionally. It can also only mean giving free rein to a desire that has been dormant for too many years.