Working in a theater company is certainly the dream of all young actors ; it is in the theater that the real actor is born and grows up . The latter knows that getting on stage is something very different than acting in a film. On stage, in fact, jokes and true passion are brought into play; the emotions that are transmitted in the theater are different from those that a movie camera gives . In short, a true actor is the one who in his long career manages to have the honor and the opportunity to act in the theater at least for a few seasons. By reading this very useful guide you can have some useful tips on how you can find work in a theater company, to experience this great emotion and hear the applause of the live audience, to carry them in your heart for life. People ask how to become a young actor? Visit our how to become a young actor page to learn how to become a young actor.


Draw up the resume

The first important and essential step to find a job in a good theater company is to have a good curriculum; as is well known, it is not possible to perform at the Milan scale or for a large company without first having a long apprenticeship. The curriculum must not only refer to the different experiences in minor theater companies, even if these are important: in fact, all cultural and scholastic experiences are also fundamental. Theatrical acting offers the possibility of learning about literary culture; for this reason being aware of works that can be interpreted is a point in favor of the candidate and can make the difference between being hired and being rejected.

A good diction course is also essential; acting with a perfect accent is a major requirement. It is also of great importance to correct any dialectal inflections and pronunciation defects. To get good results you need to train a few hours a day, until you get the desired results. A good exercise is to act at home by looking in the mirror, so as to notice the small imperfections that may escape. We must also always remember to avoid cigarettes, alcohol and any food that can negatively affect the quality of the voice.

Attend theaters

Finding work in theater companies is not easy, especially in larger and more important ones.
If any good acting schools have been attended, presumably the agents themselves are looking for the actors through the school. Otherwise you can wander around the various sites. One solution to consider is to attend the theaters, watch the show and try to talk to the actors by commenting on the show just seen .. The company may already be full, but it may be that they have other projects underway and are looking for other actors. With a bit of resourcefulness and courage, and with a good dose of luck, it is possible to find the big break. It is advisable to always have some business cards with personal data in your pocket, to facilitate professional contacts with actors, agents and entrepreneurs.

Hire an agent

Another solution may be to contact an agent; the latter due to his work has many contacts and is able to find a job within a few months. The first step is always the most difficult; when you start frequenting the environment, if you are good and put passion into your work, the proposals often come by themselves. It is good to know that the most important thing in this field is passion; it allows to distinguish one actor from another. Over time, experience is gained and this allows you to audition for larger and more famous theater companies. In any case it is advisable to enjoy every moment of this work as not only is it beautiful, but it gives the possibility of being able to transmit one’s passion as only with the art of acting can be done.