5 tips to make your acting dream come true

Is your biggest dream to be an actor or an actress? Here’s how to learn how to act by taking acting classes and classes. Many people ask what skills do you need to be an actor? Visit our what skills do you need to be an actor page to learn more.

Do you want to be an actor? Has treading the stage always been your greatest aspiration? If since childhood you have participated in all the Christmas plays and at home you did not miss an opportunity to show your acting skills to relatives, but even if this awareness has grown in you in an older age, this article aims to give you the tools to understand if you live up to your aspirations. 

1) Study acting 

Obvious requirement is to enroll in an acting school, if you live in a big city that maybe even boasts a name in the panorama (such as Rome) you are already at an advantage, if instead you come from less popular areas, you should consider the possibility to move. The school does not only take care of teaching you to act but directs you to the most suitable genre for you, it shows you the environment in which you will find yourself working, the difficulties that will be part of it, but above all it will be the first place where you will start. to develop a network of contacts. Do not waste any opportunity and use this time to find a mentor, that is a similar figure, to inspire you and ask for advice in order to enhance your artistic personality. 

2) Theater and cinema workshop 

In addition to the acting school you can use the summer period to attend courses, here you will begin to refine the technique by having to compare yourself with the various styles, also starting to understand what you are more suited to. It will be a very significant moment of growth, your path will intertwine with that of other people and will give you the opportunity to enrich each other. Some of these workshops could include small theatrical productions and constitute an additional advantage. 

3) Find the right genre for you 

As you continue on this journey you will come to find the most suitable genre for you. For example, if you are passionate about musicals, sign up for lessons to learn how to sing well and to improve your dance technique, if instead you prefer representations that have action as their main feature you can sign up for a martial arts course to learn how to fight on stage, so that you can make a fight scene realistic without being awkward or hurting yourself or others. 

4) Create a character 

Investing in personal branding means creating what others will see when they come to you, it is a job that must be developed in the round, touching all the professional aspects of your life. You can proceed according to the following guidelines: 

  • CV: bring together all the information on your study paths and professional experiences, listing for each event, what made you more capable and which skill benefited you, remember to always keep it updated. 
  • Book: the first thing a director sees are your photos, to understand if you have the physical characteristics in line with the required character. Do not lapse into savings solutions, because a bad job could preclude you from many possibilities. 
  • Presence on the web: it is no secret that a large part of the recruiting activity now takes place online. He is always prepared to ensure that those looking for you find all the information they need and can contact you quickly. 

5) Find an agent 

Get someone who can provide you with the contacts to get started but be careful not to fall into the trap of people demanding hefty pay before they actually get you a job. Always look for information and ask others to recommend established names. 


Now that we’ve explained what awaits you if you’ve decided to pursue an acting career, let’s give you one last piece of advice: don’t give up! Failure and disappointments are an integral part of those who decide to test themselves in certain contexts, are determined, humble and willing to learn and you will see that you will be able to get what you want.