How does a live online class session work exactly?

First of all, in order to maintain the feel of an in-class group environment, we ask that all students participate with both audio and video. This can be accomplished with a cell phone or on a computer with a webcam and microphone. By having us all visable on the live session, it creates the feeling that we are all there together, in the same space.

Beyond that, we conduct clases in a very similar way to how we would do it in-person in the studio. We have topic lectures, group discussions, and even tools and exercises that all students can work on during the class.

The technology gives us the ability to only have one person speak at a time (to limit confusion), or to focus on only one person visually at a time. In addition, we can put students in “breakout rooms” which allow us to pair or group the students for class work. And, we can also use audio/visual materials to help teach our lessons.