How To Learn Acting Skills At Home


Partial Video Transcription:

How to start learning acting skills from home for beginners & up.


One of the questions I get asked the

most often… what’s the best way to learn acting?



Or to even learn new skills

to become an actor?



And what I like to answer that with is, I think it’s

important to understand what acting actually is



before we can then learn how to be an actor and

develop new skills for that.



And what i find is that most people are…



they have a misconception over what it

takes really to be an actor.



And so, as we learn how to act, we have to understand

that acting is really about being in the present moment.



It’s about being in the here and now,

and that’s really what it what it’s all about.


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But there’s a misconception that acting is

really about pretending to be a character,



where in reality acting is not pretending to be

a character but it actually is about being as



truthful as you possibly can in a moment and in

fact acting demands a greater truth than in real life.



Now of course how can acting demand a greater

truth? How can anything be more true than real life?



In our actual life, we spend a lot of time

avoiding certain feelings – we spend a lot of time


How To Learn To Be An Actor For Beginners & Up



avoiding emotion or pulling back from

conflict – we don’t like to lean into the drama.



And so we spend a lot of time hiding –

hiding from who we are and how we actually feel.



But in our acting, we have to lean into it. We have

to lean into the drama. We have to lean into the conflict.



We have to lean into the emotions and

the vulnerability that we so often hide in our



actual lives. So when we learn how to act, as beginners,

part of what we must learn is the skill to



be completely openly vulnerable in

front of others. We have to learn how to



shed down this, what we call… it’s the

shield of vulnerability or self-consciousness.



It’s almost like we wear

these social masks in life and



we use them to protect ourselves, you know,

day to day. If we go to the store, we have a



mask on. If we go to work, we have a mask on, and

it’s our masks – our social masks – that allow us



to hide from the outside world our true

selves. Well, now when we learn how to act,


Learn How To Act At Home For Beginners & Up



we have to really learn how to take off these

masks – to get down into a deeper vulnerability



to what we call our core of the human being.

Because it’s from our core self that we can really



then bring out this thing, essence, called

character. Character is is really something that…



It’s a point of view. You know, when we

step into a character, it’s not that we



pretend to be a character. There’s a lot of

imagination involved in acting, of course, but



we’re not just simply pretending to be a character

like we would play when we were kids. We have to



really authentically step into their lives. We

have to understand at a deep level who these



people are and then we have to fight for their

point of view. So to do that, we have to understand



their point of view. So character is really just

a different point of view – different from who we



authentically are. So we have to understand

that, have the ability to step into it,



and then fight for that point of view as hard

as we can. So one that’s one of the first things


Learn To Act At Home For Beginners & Up



we have to learn when we learn acting is to

learn that it’s not pretending to be a character



but it’s actually authentically operating

from our deepest parts of ourselves.



Another misconception when we learn how to be

an actor is that acting is something that we are



inherently born with. A lot of people believe

that – that, oh look at these great actors,



they’re doing what they can do, whether on film

or on stage, or they’re doing these things because



they just have this innate talent that they were

born with. To me, acting is not something you’re



born with, acting is something that is a skill –

it’s learnable.

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