Instructor: Robb Maus


Intro to Chekhov Aug 9-11 Fri Eve, Sat/Sun Days $295.00 Enrolling!

This class is open for students 16 years of age or older. No pre-requisite is required.

**The Chekhov Technique requires physical movement that some may find challenging. If you have any physical limitations, please inform the instructor. Exercises can often be modified to accommodate any physical restrictions.

Seats are limited, so register your seat today!


Duration: 3 Days:
          • Fri, August 9th, 7-10:30pm
          • Sat, August 10th, 10am-6pm
          • Sun, August 11th, 10am-6pm

Experience Level: No prior experience needed!

This workshop will be focused on developing an increased sensitivity to the urges and energies that move us both as human beings and as artists. Through specific and repeated use of concentration, imagination, and physical movement, we will begin to explore and to develop an awareness of the limitless creative potential of your own Creative Individuality.

Utilizing the tools of the Michael Chekhov acting technique, our vision is for you to begin to reconnect with universal human truths, to your own unique creative imagery, and to begin to envision, employ and embody them in your artistic expressions.

    Some topics will include:

  •      • Our Psychology and our Physical Body is ONE thing and they work together
  •      • Imagination as a Key to Creative Possibility
  •      • Qualities of Movement
  •      • Introduction to Emotional Tools
  •      • Incorporation of Creative Imagery
  •      • Improvisation Games
  •      • Introduction to Imaginary Body and Moveable Centers
  •      • Introduction to Psychological Gesture and its applications
  •      • Increased Concentration and working with “a Feeling of Ease”
  •      • Increased Sense of Confidence and Creative Play

Join instructor Robb Maus on this amazing creative journey and gain more freedom in your art!


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